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Agile & Sustainable,
Biomolecular Process

Biotechnology Engineering, that will Evolve Industrial Biocatalysis and Medical Diagnosis Devices

Raising Diagnostic Test Results to Another Level

Our Biomolecular process, will improve your business. Based on many laboratory case studies, this invention is a composite that encapsulate proteins gaining resistance against thermal and/or chemical inactivation and also gain competence for continuous activity results.

Decreases in Production Costs

At least 20 batches of active ingredients (AI) can be synthesized consuming the same amount of enzymes.

Easy Manufacturing

Enzymes for manufacturing are relevant in industrial budgets and one-pot cascade reactions is possible with our technology.

Increase in Profits

The Prototype Kit with our process, can be used at least twenty times and can diagnose up to four different diseases at the same time.

It's  Protected

Patent was granted in Europe. In USA and China under registration.

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Agile, Sustainable
Chemically Inert

This invention is a silicon composite material chemically inert with a porous structure that allows in-and-out access of aqueous fluids.

This material is able to encapsulate different biomolecules in an independent manner so that those molecules never interact with each other meaning that incompatible proteins can be encapsulated at the same time.


Either as mono or multienzimatic support this material can be excellently applied on industrial catalysis where variations of pH, temperature, substrate and the presence of residual toxics is unavoidable. Encapsulated enzymes are resistant to those deleterious conditions


Biocatalysis sequential steps: products from one first reaction are used as reactants in a second reaction. With instable intermediates shorter distance between the coupled enzymes leads to a faster transfer of the newly produced intermediate molecules to the second enzyme increasing the overall yields. This material can work as support for cascade reactions out in to the same reactor.

Game Changing For:

Industrial Biocatalysis

Enzymes gain stability under industrial harsh conditions, easier separation from the products and possibility of multi-enzymatic systems in one pot.

Medical Diagnosis Devices

Antibodies or cancer biomarkers from the patient´s liquid sample are detected by the encapsulated counterparts antigens or antibodies

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Profits and Improve Your Business?

Less costs on manufacturing, more profits and sustainability!

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