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Dive Into a New Age
of Diagnosis

Imunodig is about agility & sustainability

The advantages are:

1. Proteins gain resistance against thermal and/or chemical inactivation and also gain competence for continuous activity (20 batch guarantee).


2. Different proteins can be encapsulated separately and at the same time e.g. besides mono-enzymatic this invention can work as a multi-enzymatic support.

Can be used in:

Industrial biocatalysis – Enzymes gain stability under industrial harsh conditions, easier separation from the products and possibility of multi-enzymatic systems in one pot.


Medical Diagnosis Devices - Antibodies or cancer biomarkers from the patient´s liquid sample are detected by the encapsulated counterparts antigens or antibodies

Is profitable because:

1. Enzymes for manufacturing (e.g. active pharmaceuticals intermediates) are relevant in industrial budgets and one-pot cascade reactions are possible with this composite.


2. Point-of-Care Test (POCT) market worth in 2017 was 23 billion USD with growth around 10% per annum. Projection of the global POCTs market for 2022: USD 38 billion.

Intelectual Property:

This invention is recognized and protected by an International Patent: The novelty, inventive step and industrial application of all claims were fully recognized before IP international registration request. Patent was granted in Europe. In USA and China under registration.

Imunodig an engineering development

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