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Our Mission

It is to take your business to higher levels to be a "Game Changer" in the market, allowing the decrease of industrial production costs and the high potential profits of medical diagnostic-kits.

Our Vision

We have invented and registered under international patent, one inert composite that can independently encapsulate different enzymes in close proximity . Such material is permeable by solutions that transport susbstrates/products for biocatalysis or solutions with ligands for medical diagnosis.


The composite is based on sol-gel technology whose porosity and robustness enable encapsulated proteins to be functional for several times, at least for 20 reaction cycles.

The newly invented method and the resulting composite material have two advantages:


i) flexibility, meaning that encapsulating nano-cages of antibodies, antigens biomarkers and enzymes, have limited shrinkage.

ii) decrease chemical interaction of the proteins with the stony encapsulating matrix.

Therefore, those encapsulated antibodies, antigens and enzymes remain active.

Enzymes can be used in traditional industrial conversions of raw materials on food and fine-chemistry processes with sequential steps, so that the products from one first reaction are used as reactants in the second reaction. However many biocatalysts (enzymes) are not compatible with each other and so compartmentalization is a quest for biocatalysis.

The use of biomolecules in biomedical fields is not only under therapeutics, but also in the diagnosis knowing that in infectious and degenerative pathologies, the presence of certain biomarkers (proteins) is an indicator of disease.

Evolving Biotech Diagnosis Solutions

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