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Founded by:

Gustavo Barreira (Biotech Engineer & Researcher) who dedicates hard work and professionalism facing daily tasks with a positive and analytical profile. The ability to work on innovative solutions with confidence and accurate attitude allows us to face new challenges, increasing knowledge and developing new techniques.

Our Journey

I N I T I A L   M A R K S


Jan 2016: Encapsulation of Alkaline Phosphatase (ALP); Encapsulated ALP yields; Composite Final Formulation.


Mar 2017 / May 2017: NO leaching; Bio-reactor; Immune Reactivity; Mucin differential response; Prototype construction.

July 2018 / Sept 2018: Patent Registration Process; Sensibility & Specificity Tests.

Feb 2019 / Sept 2019: EPO objections; Differential response with prototype construct; Reply to EPO objections; Repeated Trial with ALP; Repeated immune-response trials.

Nov 2020: EPO acceptance of all claims.

Feb 2021 / Nov 2021: Writing (Confinement); Trials with seperated enzymes; Cataltic Cascade results. 

Feb 2022: European Patent Granted


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